When you rate a building's stairs for calorie burn, StepJockey let's you download FREE signs that display your stairs' data and a health enhancing message.

You can print out and put up these free paper signs in your building to nudge yourself and your colleagues, friends or families to climb the stairs and burn calories.

StepJockey's signs also include a "QR code" that you can scan using the StepJockey app if you download it to your smartphone.

You can then use the app to track your climbs every time you use the stairs. You'll be able to use your account see how many calories you've burned over time on the app and - better still - win badges and trophies to mark your stair climbing achievements!

Want to upgrade?

StepJockey also supplies a range of funky acrylic-glass Smart Signs that have both the QR code and contactless NFC technology which enables you to tack your climbs simply by tapping the sign with your app-enabled smartphone.

For best results, talk to us!

If you'd like to find out more about labelling your building with our professional quality Smart Signs, please call us on 0203 397 8377 or through our contact form.