StepJockey stair climbing challenges provide organisations of all sorts with an affordable and effective way to encourage and incentivise fitness across the whole workplace.

Once you have StepJockey signs installed (free or paid for), launching a challenge for all the people in your building (or buildings) is simple and affordable. Just choose your challenge, define any prizes you would like to offer and circulate the join-up URL to those you would like to play. Everyone can be involved - from the CEO to your newest intern.

With StepJockey challenges you can:

  • Reward individuals and teams with prizes for performance and participation
  • Incentivise stair use at particular times of day or in particular areas to cut lift congestion and time wasted
  • Access detailed reporting and data so you can better understand and improve wellness trends and movement in the workplace

We currently offer many different challenges and continually develop more. Current challenges include:

  • Climb Everest: The original classic and a great starter.
  • World Towers: A perennial favourite - climb everything from the Pyramids to the Burj Khalifa.
  • Round The World: Rack up as many calories as a circumnavigator!

If you are thinking of launching a fitness challenge for your organisation and are are worried about the cost or the need for expensive gizmos then please don't hesitate to get in touch

At StepJockey we think company wellness challenges should be company-wide and gizmo free!

You can read more on StepJockey Stair Climbing Challenges here.