Yes. All StepJockey Smart Signs are straight forward to install and require no wiring and no drilling.

They all come with:

  • Wall-safe adhesive fixings
  • Optional backing plates which lift them slightly from the wall to give a cool 3-D effect
  • Rounded corners, so there is no risk of snagging
  • An easy-to-read instruction leaflet

The technology in the signs (QR codes and NFC) is all battery free and nor does it require any wiring. 

We can install the signs for you at very reasonable rates - get in touch with us to talk about it.

Installing StepJockey Smart Signs yourself

You can do install StepJockey Smart Signs yourself. However, take care to hang them straight, and making sure you have got the right Smart Signs on the right floors as each sign is specific to a particular floor and a particular staircase. 

To give an idea of time, a large building of 15 floors with four stairwells can be done in a day by two people.

The best time to do it is on a weekend, so you can promote it on a Monday as everyone arrives for work.

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