StepJockey signs work through behavioural economics, nudging people to ditch the lift and in favour of the stairs. This means you'll need more than just a single sign urging people to take the stairs.

The total number of StepJockey Smart Signs you need depends on the size and configuration of your building. As a rule of thumb you will need:

  • 1 x Large A3 Smart Sign outside each entrance to the staircase in question. These signs nudge people into the stairs as they pass.
  • 1 x Mini Smart Sign inside the staircase on each floor. These brighten up your stairwells and allow for easy scanning.
  • 1 x Lift/elevator Sign by each lift/elevator call button. These nudge people to the stairs when wasting their lives waiting for the lift/elevator!

So for a typical six-storey building (ground floor to floor five) you would need:

  • 6 x A3 Smart Signs
  • 6 x Mini signs
  • 6 x A5 Lift/Elevator Smart Signs

In some buildings the location of the stairs is not obvious. This is because the architects of the 20th century had an unfortunate love affair with lifts and elevators. In these buildings you may need StepJockey arrow signs (for extra nudge power) and a bit of extra signage on the ground floor in particular to flag-up the location of the stairs.

You will be amazed at how easy it is with some clever signposting to make those 'invisible' stairs the main attraction of your building again.

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