StepJockey smart signs are classic stair prompts with a vital digital twist.

Like any stair prompt, their function is is to 'nudge' people away from lifts and elevators and onto the stairs. In affect, they act as an advertisement for the stairs. By installing them outside each entrance to the stairs in your building you can expect to see stair use climb by at least 20%.

However, StepJockey signs differ from other stair prompts in important respects:

  • They give the exact calorie count for the stairs in your buildings to allow for tracking and gamification
  • They incorporate a range of evidence based health messages to inform and inspire your people
  • They come with integrated QR and NFC technology so they can be read by our free apps
  • They provide the infrastructure you need to gamify and make habitual stair climbing in your business
  • They are drop-dead gorgeous, made from beautiful acrylic glass and come in a wide range of sizes and colours
All this means that StepJockey stair prompts are much more powerful than simple posters as a wellness intervention. You can use the signs alone and they will look amazing. But if you use the system to launch stair climbing challenges you be able to engage people in health and wellness over the long term.

The evidence shows that when challenges are launched, that basic 20% increase in stair use jumps dramatically to over 500%.

Get the full low-down on StepJockey smart signs here.