StepJockey's free smartphone apps work in conjunction with StepJockey free signs or StepJockey's acrylic glass Smart Signs.

Once you have StepJockey Smart Signs on your stairs, you can start tracking your stair climbs and calorie burn using the app. Simply scan or tap the StepJockey Smart Signs with the app at the start and finish of your climbs to record how many calories you've burned.

You can then view your activity history in the app showing how well you've done over time. You'll also earn badges for achieving great heights by stair climbing.

We currently offer apps for Apple (iOS), Android and BlackBerry devices: 

You can find out more about our apps and their features on our website.

Using the StepJockey app to take part in Challenges

If your organisation is running a StepJockey stair climbing Challenge you will need to download one of our free apps to participate.