StepJockey's mission is to create a heathier world by labelling it for calorie burn.

To do this, we use Smart Signs equipped with the latest in technology and behavioural economics to encourage people to make a habit of using the stairs instead of lifts and elevators. The signs alter behaviour in two distinct ways:

  1. As simple visual prompts, the signs themselves provide a gentle 'nudge' or reminder to passers-by to use the stairs. Studies around the world for many years have shown this to be highly effective and you can expect to see an uplift in stair traffic in your building of at least 20% when you install them. If you are unconvinced about the power of simple visual nudges, think about the impact removing those big yellow 'M' signs from outside McDonalds stores would have on the burger business. StepJockey Smart Signs do the same for stairs!
  2. StepJockey Smart Signs also allow people to interact with them using our free smartphone apps. The apps allow people to track their stair climbing performance and set themselves goals. This increases and prolongs engagement with the system. However, the biggest uplift of all comes when organisations launch stair climbing Challenges and 'gamify' stair climbing for their people. During these challenges stair use in buildings typically jumps by more than 500%.

StepJockey also helps by:

  • Impacting all staff, not just the already fit and engaged
  • Reducing lift/elevator congestion and energy consumption
  • Creating considerable time/productivity savings 
  • Giving detailed data feedback for corporate wellness and facilities reporting 
  • Clearly signalling that the business values its peoples health (and therefore excellent for CSR reporting)
  • Needing no expensive gizmos required

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